Announcement: Availability of Bulk Synthetic S and R Isomer Nicotine

Announcement: Availability of Bulk Synthetic S and R Isomer Nicotine

Today we announced the successful commercially scaled bulk production of pure synthetic S isomer nicotine for use in the tobacco, pharmaceutical and scientific research industries. In addition, we are confirming the availability of synthetic R isomer nicotine for research and review. This news follows a recent announcement from the Next Generation regarding patent applications for nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) comprising the novelty of synthetic R and S isomers of the synthetic nicotine molecule.

The scaled production of synthetic S nicotine has significant implications for the pharmaceutical market, offering a pure S isomer that is devoid of tobacco residuals while still achieving bioequivalence to tobacco S nicotine. This creates the opportunity for potentially new and innovative product developments in the NRT and harm reduction markets, an initiative that is supported by many in public health, including the FDA.

It’s critical to develop a deeper understanding of the opportunities presented by synthetic S nicotine, especially as the FDA turns a spotlight on the NRT market and encourages innovation in the industry,” comments Next Generation Labs CEO, Vincent Schuman. “We are seeing renewed interest from FDA and public health in innovative products that may help reduce the burdens of tobacco, and we encourage all companies involved in tobacco science, pharmaceuticals, scientific and academic research to drive the conversation forward on the utility of novel synthetic nicotine isomers and analogs.

The world-first availability of bulk synthetic S and R isomer nicotine presents a unique opportunity to the academic community to assess and analyze their utility in both tobacco harm reduction products and the pharmaceutical markets. “We invite accredited academic and qualified research institutions with an interest in optically pure S and R nicotine to contact us regarding the availability of research samples of synthetic S or R isomer nicotine for future research, analysis and review.” adds Schuman.

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