Introducing the Most Advanced Vape Technology Alliance

Introducing the Most Advanced Vape Technology Alliance

Vapeix and Next Generation Labs Partner to Develop Connected Vape System

Next Generation Labs has entered into a highly anticipated partnership with Vapeix to create an unsurpassed vapor technology alliance. Leveraging the world’s most advanced technology, the companies will develop both closed and open system vaping devices for Next Generation Lab’s e-liquids brand customers who use TFN® Nicotine.

The alliance brings together two first class innovators in the vapor space: a cloud-connected smart vaporizer platform from Vapeix, and synthetic molecular nicotine that is not derived from tobacco, by Next Generation Labs. The strategic partnership aims to deliver a smart vapor system that can only be used with TFN Nicotine, to give device personalization, convenience and control features to consumers via their smartphones.

Ron Tully, a founding member of Next Generation Labs comments: “There has been a steady stream of innovation in the vape industry, but no one has successfully developed a connected device that can operate across an open and a closed system. The team at Vapeix has developed a truly innovative system, which makes them a natural partner for Next Generation Lab’s TFN Nicotine. Through the smart technology embedded in Vapeix Powered devices, the vaporizers will only work with TFN brands – allowing us to create a vape market which is unequivocally disassociated from traditional vaping devices that are intended to be used with tobacco-derived nicotine.”

Vapeix Powered vaporizers use NFC technology embedded into the device, e-liquid labels and packaging as well as an encoded cartridge chip technology that stores product profile information to identify the type of liquid that can determine consumption and authenticate usage permissions – the Vapeix Powered, Next Generation Labs devices will only operate with approved TFN e-liquid brands. Once enabled with an appropriate label, consumers are then given control via a smartphone app, enabling customization of a variety of features from atomizer configuration, liquid consumption, puff rates and temperature readings to product safety controls, haptic feedback, a device locator and more.

Kyle Newton, founder of Vapeix comments: “There’s currently a lot of fear in the market as vape businesses and analysts worry that regulation will stifle innovation in the industry; so it was a great opportunity to connect with Next Generation Labs which, like Vapeix, has focused its energy on creating a new product category that will enable future innovation in a narrowing industry. This technology alliance will not only open the door for an entirely new, non-tobacco vape market, it aligns us closer to the pharmaceutical industry when combining the benefits from Vapeix Powered technologies with TFN, which can potentially result in future cessation tools for adult smokers.”

In addition to building new markets, this technology alliance will play a vital role in the creation of industry standards around vaping products. As sector leaders join together to develop standards, Vapeix and TFN have the ability to create de facto standards that will aid in harmonizing the industry.

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