Next Generation Labs Receives First Patent

Next Generation Labs Receives First Patent

After many years and thousands of hours of developmental work, Next Generation Labs, LLC is proud to announce it has been awarded by the United States of America Patent and Trademark Office, its first patent for its proprietary and exclusive industrial process of producing ultra-high purity synthetic nicotine.

This patent is significant because the purity of the synthetic nicotine prepared by this proprietary process delivers ultra high-pure synthetic nicotine that surpasses the quality of the USP grade of commercial nicotine, since it is completely devoid of the known carcinogens, anatabine, anabasine, methyl anatabine, methyl anabasine, and cotinine, and many others, and is greater than the 99.5% minimum purity of USP grade of nicotine.

Over 40 e-liquid brands use TFN Nicotine around the world, and we’re proud to be the single leading developer of truly synthetic nicotine that is not derived from tobacco. Brands such as NKTR, Digable, Peel, Enfuse, Mag7, Origins, Amaranth, Rayben and Klir have experienced tremendous success with their TFN e-liquid lines, creating more vibrant flavors thanks to the clean attributes of TFN Nicotine. Next Generation Labs is already taking the vaping industry by storm, bringing e-juice flavors to life and enabling the creation of new markets within the industry.

With additional patents pending, Next Generation Labs has pioneered the invention of synthetic nicotine, which has applications far beyond the traditional vaping market. Our first patent signifies a pivotal moment for Next Generation Labs and TFN Nicotine as we strive to bring a new life to vaping as well as forge new markets with the power of synthetic nicotine.

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