NTN from HiLIQ Proved NOT to be Synthetic Nicotine

NTN from HiLIQ Proved NOT to be Synthetic Nicotine

Independent authenticity tests prove that Next Generation Labs TFN nicotine is wholly synthetic, while competitor product HiLIQ NTN nicotine is not synthetic, and is actually derived from tobacco.

TFN vs. NTN TFN Nicotine HiLIQ’s NTN
Authenticity test results PASSED FAILED
Free of tobacco-derived impurities YES NO
Isotope levels of synthetic nicotine YES NO
USP-Certified Quality YES NO
Developed in USA YES NO

A suite of validated scientific tests involving High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Carbon Dating and nicotine isomer optical rotation, indicate that NTN nicotine – manufactured and sold by Chinese company HiLIQ – in NOT synthetic nicotine, but is a distilled form of tobacco-derived nicotine.

Next Generation Labs’ test results are supported and further verified by a separate third party test conducted by Enthalpy, which also revealed HiLiQ NTN nicotine is tobacco-derived.

View Next Generation Labs’ full test results that prove NTN nicotine is derived from tobacco and is not synthetic nicotine.

View Enthalpy’s full test results, which support Next Generation Labs’ findings.

Supplementary raw data files for Next Generation Labs’ USP-HPLC data: RS pure and NTN nicotine.

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