Thank you for your interest in TFN® synthetic nicotine.

  • TFN® synthetic nicotine is not derived from tobacco.

  • Synthetic nicotine (TFN®) does not meet the statutory definition of tobacco as it is not made or derived from tobacco (See link). The overriding message here is that our product, TFN® synthetic nicotine does not fall under the strict definition of a tobacco product or a component or part of a tobacco product and is not required to be registered. For additional information please refer to our website

  • Several of the eliquid brands that are currently using TFN®, NKTR(tm), NKTR(tm) Sour, MELT(tm), DIGABLE(tm), SLAP Vapor(tm), SOUR Slap(tm), Flavor Fanatic(tm),  Mag7, Queen Bee, Liquid Soul, Peel, Ripe, Hold Fast, E-Generation, Cypher, I-Gen, Mondays, Krumble, Solace, Coastline, Amaranth, Klir, Bazaar, 9Elements, Defiant, Enfuse and EGP Line are enjoying huge success with adult consumers. Dozens of additional brands will be on the market with TFN® in January.

  • TFN® is virtually tasteless and odorless, so flavor artists are able to craft an e-liquid without the need to mask the harsh taste notes associated with tobacco derived nicotine. Companies are able to use much less base flavor when mixing, while being able to give consumers a great flavor experience. This is likely because TFN® Nicotine is devoid of the impurities present in many tobacco derived nicotine’s. Additionally consumer feedback indicates that heating coils remain cleaner for longer while using TFN®. Significantly, adult vapers tell us TFN® provides the same impact as tobacco derived nicotine.

  • TFN® is the first significant change to vaping in many years. TFN® gives the consumer an alternative to tobacco or vape products containing tobacco sourced nicotine, while still enjoying the nicotine experience. TFN® is made for adult recreational use and should not be mixed with any tobacco derived flavors or extracts, or used in devices that are designed for consumption of a tobacco product.

TFN® Order Info
We only sell TFN® in pure form by the Kilo/Liter.

TFN® Synthetic Nicotine

1000 milligrams per ml
$5000 per Kilo
  • MOQ 4 Kilos/Liters
  • Payment Terms: Pre Pay