Rayben Enterprises Named TFN Distributor in South Korea

Rayben Enterprises Named TFN Distributor in South Korea

Next Generation Labs has appointment Rayben Enterprises as an official distributor of TFN Nicotine, enabling distribution of the world’s leading synthetic nicotine to the South Korean market.

Rayben Enterprises has operated as an OEM and ODM for the e-cigarette industry since its creation; and as one of the largest manufacturers and distributors in South Korea, the company is well positioned to distribute TFN Nicotine.

There are currently four e-juice brands using TFN Nicotine in South Korea and Rayben is set to grow their client-base in the coming weeks. Current juice companies using TFN Nicotine within South Korea include Mag7 USA, Queen Bee, 9 Elements and Technico Labs.

The vape market in South Korea has grown rapidly over the last few years, which makes it a natural market for TFN Nicotine. Furthermore, the country is suffering from overly burdensome taxes, meaning TFN Nicotine will play a critical role in keeping the industry alive.

To learn more about TFN Nicotine visit www.nextgenerationlabs.com

To learn more about Rayben visit http://www.rayben.co.kr/

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