Synthetic Nicotine Offering Expands with TFN Nicotine® Salts

Synthetic Nicotine Offering Expands with TFN Nicotine® Salts

TFN Nicotine Salts Launch as Next Generation Labs Opens the Market up to Closed Systems

Vincent Schuman, CEO of Next Generation Labs today announces the launch of its newest synthetic nicotine offering, TFN Nicotine® Salts. This is the second TFN® offering from Next Generation Labs, the sole manufacturer of the world’s only test-verified, non-tobacco derived synthetic nicotine products manufactured for the vape and pharmaceutical markets. The Company has also agreed to begin selling TFN nicotine to closed system device manufacturers and brand developers.

The e-liquid market has mostly relied on nicotine highly distilled form in the manufacturing of e-liquids, however in recent years crystalline nicotine salts suspended in liquid have grown in popularity within the vaping community. In fact, many adult consumers claim to have a more satisfying vape experience with suspended salts over the more traditional distilled nicotine. Next Generation Labs has now developed a commercially viable synthetic nicotine salt offering, which provides manufacturers and discerning adult consumers with a non-tobacco nicotine salt alternative.

As the TFN Nicotine product line expands, Next Generation Labs has also opened the market up to any company manufacturing or selling their own branded or private label closed system devices. Previous FDA statements confirm the Company’s long-held view that e-liquids made with synthetic nicotine are not tobacco products when used in any closed system device. By opening the market to all closed system producers and marketers, Next Generation Labs is providing the vape industry the opportunity to develop closed system devices for use with a wider range of synthetic nicotine e-liquids.

Vincent Schuman, CEO of Next Generation Labs comments, “The pharmaceutical and vape industries have fought for years to break their association with tobacco-derived products, so we’re proud to further develop our line of synthetic nicotine offerings. Now any manufacturer that uses nicotine as a vital ingredient can finally develop products that are unequivocally disassociated from tobacco. We are highly encouraged by the continued demand for synthetic nicotine over the last year, and expect demand to accelerate as closed systems grow and consumer demand for nicotine salt based products increases.”

E-liquid brands such as Lost Arts, NKTR, Digable, Enfuse, Mag7, PEEL, Sour, Dream, Krumble, Technico, Defiant, Quantum, Dre-Lago and SUA have all experienced tremendous success with TFN e-liquid lines, creating some of the most vibrant taste profiles on the market, thanks to the stability of the base nicotine attributes of TFN. Demand for branded products is anticipated to grow as the Company adds to and innovates its line of synthetic nicotine products.

Interest in TFN has also increased from pharmaceutical companies seeking to phase out their reliance on tobacco-derived nicotine as an ingredient in nicotine replacement, and those looking at the specific ‘R’ to ‘S’ ratio and ratio adjustments of TFN synthetic nicotine in new drug development.

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