Vape Radio Raves About TFN: An Industry Game-Changer

Vape Radio Raves About TFN: An Industry Game-Changer

Whether you’re a shop owner, e-liquid manufacturer, or distributor, you’ve probably heard of Norm Bour and his insightful podcast about the vaping industry: Vape Radio. We sat down with Norm recently to tell his listeners about TFN and uncover his thoughts on synthetic nicotine.

Norm interviewed Ron Tully, founding member of Next Generation Labs and industry veteran. With over 25 years experience in the tobacco industry and a pioneer in the world of vaping, Ron provides a detailed look at TFN and discusses what the new FDA regulations mean for TFN.

In the podcast you’ll find out:

  • TFN: The world’s first and only pure synthetic nicotine that is not derived from tobacco
  • The history of nicotine: Tobacco has the highest level of nicotine concentration, but now a viable alternative is available
  • The current state of nicotine in the industry: Levels are down
  • The benefits of TFN: Virtually odorless, tasteless and high clarity means a better flavor for adult vapers
  • The FDA regulations: TFN is not a tobacco product, and when used appropriately it does not fall under the new Deeming Rule

Inspired by the opportunities TFN is opening up to the vaping industry, Norm asked us to team up with him and offer his listeners something special. Head on over to Vape Radio to find out how you can get your hands on a free sample of TFN Nicotine:

The world of vape is changing and you must change with it. The key to survival is adaptation.” – Norm Bour

“VapeMentors is the first and largest vape consultancy in the United States. Since 2013 they have worked with all factions of the vaping industry including brick & mortar shops, liquid companies, online sites, wholesalers, and importers/ exporters. They are also the developers of the VAPE U online programs to help all vape businesses become more strategic.”

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